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November 11, 2012

I am so incredibly excited over the release of the new James Bond movie. Seriously, Daniel Craig is the ultimate Bond and is the epitome of what I am attracted to in a man: sexy, intelligent and unavailable!

With every new movie, comes a new desire to be like his 'Bond Girls': aren't they just the epitome of sexy? So, to get to us in mood for its impending release, I have concocted the perfect recipe for achieving Bond Girl Status in real life.
And yes, I am clearly looking for another excuse for a post including Daniel Craig!

Domino Thunderball

Although, I will admit, that I am probably the lightest skinned person you will meet: almost bordering on Albino/Twilight Vampire: I do love me a good spray tan. And so do most Bond Woman (minus Vespa: but, hey, Eva Green has the most translucent and divine skin, it is forgivable). The best Tan I have come across this year is the Aviva Labs at The Nail Lab, Darlinghurst. Mix up a cup of half Miami and half Hollywood for a delicious tan, minus the ageing effects of the sun. This quirky, little nail boutique is so chic, even Mister Bond would consider getting his talons tended to here (nails + tan: all your bases are covered with The Nail Lab)!

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