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AVIVA Inspires by AVIVA LABS Shower Glow Body Wash

January 21, 2013

Say good-bye to regular soaps and body washes that actively strip spray or self-tans of their color… say hello to AVIVA Inspires by AVIVA LABS Shower Glow™ Body Wash, the world's first DHA-infused Body Wash from AVIVA LABS Inc. which acts to extend the life of a spray tan by one to three days.

The DHA will not make a tan any darker than before the shower but the DHA serves the very important purpose of effectively reducing the washout of the sunless tan, allowing it to last as long as possible, much longer than when other soaps or body washes are used.

Aviva Inspires Shower Glow Body Wash is a non-drying foaming cleanser formulated with all-natural, plant-derived ingredients. It gently lifts dirt and removes surface impurities to clean the skin and is safe for use on face and body. Shower Glow Body Wash does not require gloves while washing because it will not result in any tanning of the palms.

Aviva Labs' CEO and founder, Mitch Bloom explains the demand for the new product, “Many people don't know that most shower soaps and body washes fade a sunless tan. Shower Glow Body Wash allows you to wash with the confidence that your spray tan investment is protected and lasts as long as possible. It contains a carefully measured dose of DHA to increase your sunless glow by up to three days.”

“I am proud to supply our salon and spa professionals with Shower Glow Body Wash to offer their spray tan clients. The new body wash is an extension of our retail product line that insures the longest lasting and most natural sunless tan available on the market,” explains Bloom.

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