The Tan Mom's New Natural Look

June 6, 2012 — Patricia Krentcil, the so-called “Tan Mom” received a healthy glow this week with an Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tan from Tammy Berzak, Owner of Hot Tropics Salon in Oakland, NJ. “I have spray tanned in the past but I never liked the results. I like to be very dark and I am happy that Aviva Labs gave me a dark brown shade with no orange,” says Krentcil.

Aviva Labs, Inc. is a global professional sunless tanning products manufacturer headquartered in the suburbs of Boston, MA and distributes their products to over 115 countries worldwide. Recognizing the lack of health-focused sunless tanning products, they created the world's mildest, hypoallergenic sunless tanning products that are oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and erythrulose-free made with premium grade, highest quality organic DHA.

“I am just amazed at the difference between the pictures portrayed of her in the media versus her appearance with an Aviva Labs spray tan. I mean just look at the before and after!” enthuses Shannon Moynihan, Aviva Lab's Marketing Director.

DHA or Dihydroxyacetone (the substance in a spray tan that makes the skin brown) is an FDA-approved simple carbohydrate derived from sugar cane. DHA causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids on the top, dead layer of the skin. A spray tan generally lasts 7-10 days.

“We were shocked about all the negative publicity she was receiving and wanted to give her a healthy alternative. I hope this brings awareness to the general public, including American teenagers, that you can achieve a great tan without worrying about your skin. Sunless tanning has come such a long way and you no longer have to worry about looking orange” informs Brian Petersen, National Sales Director for Aviva Labs.

Given worries about skin cancer and tanning beds, the sunless tanning industry is increasing in demand. According to a recent CNN Money Article citing an IBISWorld report, Self-tanning Product Manufacturing is one of America's 10 fastest growing industries. Makers of bronzing lotions and sprays are expected to see their sales grow 18.1% in 2012 and it is forecasted that fake tanning products will grow to become a billion-dollar industry within the next five years.

Krentcil also received a gift basket full of Aviva Lab's Tan-Extending Skincare that gives skin a healthy golden brown color. “I love their organic Skin Glow crème. I always wanted a product that gives a glow for the face.”

Tammy Berzak explains the process, “I sprayed her with Aviva's Gimme! Brown 14% DHA formula based on her skin tone. Even fair people can achieve a natural-looking tan because I can spray them with an 8% formula or Aviva Winter Glow.”

“My experience at Hot Tropics Salon was great. Tammy was so nice. I am definitely going back!” says Krentcil.

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