Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning new Booster Drops™ featured in The Tanning Journal

November 19, 2006 — Aviva Labs, manufacturer of natural sunless tanning solutions, announces new two new unique additions to customize its spray-on sunless tan line: Bronzer Booster Drops™ and DHA Booster Drops™.

Aviva Labs Bronzer Booster Drops™ are natural, DHA-free formulations of color concentrate that can be added to spray-on or airbrush solutions to increase the darkness level of the temporary bronzer, enhancing immediate tanning results. With Aviva Labs Bronzer Booster Drops™, spray-on tanning technicians simply add a few drops to Aviva Labs' sunless tanning solution to increase the darkness level of the temporary bronzer color guide without affecting the final DHA tan that occurs after the first shower.

Aviva Labs DHA Booster Drops™ (which have a 35% concentration of DHA) enable technicians to raise the DHA levels in the sunless solution to customize the spray-on tan for each client — based on their skin color and desired level of tan — to ensure the most natural, sunless tanning results.

“We had a number of our salons requesting an easy, effective way to customize the Aviva Labs' sunless tanning solutions to create personalized spray-on or airbrush tans for each of their clients based on the desired level of bronze color”, explains Mitch Bloom, Vice President of Operations for Aviva Labs. Mr. Bloom goes on to state that, “We take great pride not only in anticipating our customers' needs, but also quickly responding to requests for new products, hence the creation of the Aviva Labs Booster Drops™.”

Adding Booster Drops™ to Aviva Labs' sunless tanning solutions provides salons with the ability to customize their sunless tanning services for each individual client's needs, allowing them a greater level of personalized service for their clientele, which is so critical in the salon industry. All Aviva Labs Booster Drops™ are designed for use with both “clear” and “with bronzer” sunless solutions and are compatible with airbrush, HVLP/Turbo and spray-booth systems.

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