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April 18, 2009 — recently reviewed Aviva Labs Tan Restore Sunless Tanning Gel. Truth In Aging's mission is to offer truthful and unbiased guidance to people about skin care, hair care, health and beauty products, and salon and clinical treatments.

“I'm always on a quest for new products, especially sunscreen and self-tanning products, that have the least amount of chemicals as possible. So, I was excited to try a self-tanner that has mostly natural ingredients and has eliminated most of the additives usually found in self-tanners. Truth be told, there aren't many 'natural' self-tanners available.

The product I tried was a pearly/clear gel, which had a light, fluid consistency that made spreading the product quick and easy. The fragrance was a little strong on application but faded pretty quickly. What I really liked was the fact that there didn't seem to be the 'tanning skin smell' that typically accompanies self-tanners. That being said, I could easily apply the product on a Saturday morning and go about my day without people giving me strange looks.

A nice tan developed within a matter of hours (be sure to EXFOLIATE before application to get an even color). Definitely not a gradual tanning product, so if you need a nice tan — TODAY — this is definitely the product for you. The color was very believable — not the fake-bake orangey color that can occur with some self-tanners.

Aviva Labs Sunless Tanning Gel is a little pricier than my former favorite, St. Tropez, but has some definite benefits beyond the fact that it's a natural product, whereas St. Tropez is not. I used the St. Tropez mousse, which was not as easy to spread as the Aviva gel. The St. Tropez mousse also had a brown color, which was nice in that you could see if you missed a spot, but made wearing gloves a necessity as the brown coloring was difficult to remove from my hands. I had no problems with stained hands with Aviva- just wash hands immediately after application. All in all, I would rate this product highly as a self-tanner in general, but given the fact that it is so much more natural than other self-tanners, I'd give it a 10. And I will be ordering a refill when my sample runs out!”

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