Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning used on “Needle” movie's stars

May 29th 2010 -- Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning was chosen to spray tan the actors from the Australian thriller starring Jessica Marais which is out in 2010. Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning was on set and on the stars of Needle which was filmed in Western Australia. Staff from Cottesloe's Summaglo Tan & Makeup Bar used Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning on the cast, which includes Packed to the Rafters star, Jessica Marais.

“We were really proud to be supporting an Australian film by spray tanning the actors — they were just so lovely and it was a great opportunity for Aviva Labs to showcase how exceptional our spray tans are on the big screen!” said Summaglo co-owner and Aviva Labs distributor, Narelle Moyle, pictured at left with Jessica Marais.

Needle is the first West Australian film to win a 'Golden Skull' award at Screamfest 2010 in Los Angeles along with a slew of awards at the British Horror Film Festival which included Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects and Best Supporting Actress. Needle also won a number of awards at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival including; Best Cinematography and Best Actor (Michael Dorman) with the Special Jury Prize being awarded to the Director, John V. Soto.

Filmed in Perth, Needle features Australian acting talent Jessica Marais (Packed to the Rafters), Michael Dorman (Daybreakers, Triangle), Trilby Glover (Righteous Kill), Tahyna Tozzi (Wolverine), Travis Fimmel (The Beast, The Valley), Ben Mendolsohn (Animal Kingdom), Khan Chittenden (West), John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) and Jane Badler (V TV series).

Needle is about a college student who must unmask a killer who is harnessing the deadly powers of a sinister 18th century machine to target his friends.

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