Aviva Labs announces launch of world's first 30-minute wash-off tan

March 5, 2012 — Aviva Labs, Inc. a global professional sunless tanning products manufacturer is proud to announce the launch of The City Tan™ Collection: the world's first 30-Minute Wash-Off Tan™. This new lineup of sunless tanning products for the tanning salon, spa and mobile spray tanning markets allow the user to shower after 30 minutes (most sunless tanning solutions require waiting 8 hours before showering). The collection consists of three formulas: Hollywood, Miami and Vegas.

Hollywood produces a golden color and Vegas gives a beautiful reddish tone. Miami is perfect for those with dark skin tones or those that have lots of yellow undertones. On these people the color is a beautiful rich brown. All three solutions are oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and erythrulose-free made with premium grade, highest quality organic DHA (dihydroxyacetone).

Mitch Bloom, Founder and CEO of Aviva Labs, Inc. said of the new product launch, “I am thrilled we have created the world's first 30-minute wash-off sunless tan. With City Tan, there's no more waiting for hours before showering. The sunless tanning industry has grown over 490% in the past five years. With Aviva Labs' clients now in over 110 countries worldwide, it just goes to show the increased demand for a healthy tanning alternative to harmful UV rays. This means a tremendous growth opportunity for beauty professionals to add sunless tanning services.”

For any interested businesses, please email Aviva Labs at or call their corporate number at 888-692-8482.

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