Aviva Organics Sunless Tanning

A review by Peta Friend

It's that time of year again, when we emerge from winter and start thinking about warmer weather and endless summer days. For some of us—and I mean me—it's time to squeeze into dresses that are far too short for one's age (real age, not disco age). And let me tell you, ghostly white legs just don't look as good as tanned ones—so what to do? Lying in the sun or using tanning beds is not really an option, given that my job as a skin care therapist is to educate people about the dangers of such things. So when Will gave me the organic sunless tanning products from Aviva it was perfect timing. The process starts with the Conditioning Body Polish to refresh and exfoliate the skin. The invigorating particles smooth and prep your skin for the next step, the Sun-Free Skin Glow Body Crème. Massaged in like a moisturizer all over the body, the tan takes about five hours to develop. When it does it is a very natural and flawless look that men could definitely get away with. The Sun-free Skin Glow Face Crème also delivers a beautiful sun-kissed glow to the face. So now, thanks to Aviva, I am ready for summer and that little red dress.

P.S. — Will you're not getting these products back!

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