Aviva Inspires Body Contour Tan Experienced by Editor of Bella Beauty Magazine

In the January 2011 issue of Bella Beauty Magazine's "On the Road" Article, the Body Contour Premium Tan is experienced:

The Promise: Step out of the gym and into a spray tan booth for even more defined abdominals, triceps, breasts and other prominent muscles and features. Body contouring, slimming and defining techniques are now an easy achievement with the Aviva Inspires innovative technical approach to spray tanning.

The Verdict: As the exclusive Australian distributor of the Aviva Labs professional sunless spray and self-tanning products, Summaglo salon in Perth is one of the first in Australia to offer a premium spray tan service dedicated to body contouring and muscle enhancement. I'm excited by the prospect of looking like I've spent a little more time at the gym than I really did coming into the festive season.

Narelle Moyle, owner of Summaglo, explains that the Body Contour Premium Tan is a little more in-depth and time-consuming than the average spray tan technique (it takes around 30 minutes). She combines two DHA percent solutions (that's the ingredient that tans you) – one for the base coat and one for the definition to enhance all muscles on the abdomen, chest, arms and legs. Then she does an all-over spray again with the first solution to blend the colors. Let me tell you it's worth the extra time investment as it delivers phenomenal results!

It's what I'd call a dramatic tan in terms of color depth and even coverage. It provides an even coverage with no spots and streaks and delivers a health, natural-looking tan. Second to this, I often get breakouts from spray tans. Aviva is designed to work with even the most sensitive of acne-prone skin and there's not a pimple to be seen following my tan.

More fabulously it has allowed me to highlight or hide certain features. I feel I could do with a little more bust, so my service was designed to slim down the look of my thighs and enhance my breasts. I'm feeling tanned, toned and terrific and ready to take my party dress out on the town!

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