Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning's sunless skin care line was featured in the December issue of Edge Philadelphia Magazine.

Aviva Labs: For a Safe, Luxurious Tan

By now we're all familiar with the dangers of tanning, be it under the sun or in a bed. Unfortunately, we're also familiar with the fact that tan skin just looks better, and face it; we all like to look better.

Another thing that most of us are familiar with is the fake, orange, splotchy, streaky look of most self-tanners. Let's face it: at-home self-tanners haven't exactly performed at a level we're comfortable with. That is, until now.

We have to admit that we were a bit skeptical (ok, a LOT skeptical) when we heard about the Sunless Tanning Essentials from Aviva Labs. Fortunately we put our fear behind us and gave them a try. Lucky for us too, because the results are nothing short of fabulous.

Not only did the Sunless Tanning Gel (oil and alcohol free, so it's fine for all skin types) bring out a nice, deep, natural looking tan, the accompanying products impressed as well. The exfoliant contains crushed pecan shells to help slough dead cells, preparing the skin for the self-tanner. The Sunless Tanning Gel itself goes on easily and continues to develop for eight hours. To extend your tan, the Skin Glow contains a lower level self-tanner and also moisturizes. Used alone, it will give you a lighter, gradual tan — without anyone noticing.

Frankly, we'll gladly give up the tanning bed for Aviva Labs' self-tanning products. They're so natural looking and impressive, not even your significant other has to know…

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