Mitch Bloom, CEO of Aviva Labs Interviewed by American Spa magazine

Mitch Bloom CEO of Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning was recently interviewed by American Spa Magazine on adding sunless tanning to a spa's service menu.

“Sunless tanning is one of the most profitable services for beauty professionals to provide to their clients. Given worries abot skin cancer and tanning beds, the sunless tanning industry is increasing in demand.
Many spas make the mistake of believing their success depends only on finding the right solution. Beware of the 'liquid peddlers' out there who sell you a solution and promise you profits but don't provide any training on how to build a successful sunless business.

I can't stress enough that proper spray tan training is essential. Our studies have found that customers who have taken our Sunless 101 Training complete three to five times more spray tans per week than our customers who have not completed the training.”

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