“Dancing With The Stars” Contestants Glow with Aviva Labs

Woburn, MA - The stars and their partners on the set of 2012 “Dancing With The Stars - Australia” maintained their bronzed Aussie “stage tans” beautifully as they cha-cha-d, tango'ed and waltzed their way across the dance floor, thanks to the City Tan™ Collection.

Aviva Labs City Tan™ Collection launched in early 2012 is the world's first 30-Minute Wash-Off Tan™ from Aviva Labs. This line includes three formulas: HOLLYWOOD, MIAMI and VEGAS. Explains Founder/CEO Mitch Bloom, “Each 'city' mimics the tan you would associate with that particular place - imagine the desert-inspired colors of VEGAS and their showgirls, the Caribbean warmth of MIAMI, perfect for those with darker skin tones or tanners with yellow undertones, and the fabulous golden celebrity glow of, where else, HOLLYWOOD.”

This new line of professional sunless tanning products allows you to shower after only 30 minutes post-application. “Depending on your preferred depth of color, try 30 minutes in the City of your choice for a light tan, 60 minutes for a medium tan or 90 minutes for a darker tan”. Made with the highest grade of organic DHA, all three solutions are oil-free, alcohol-free and erythrulose-free.


Aviva Labs' products have been selected for use at the Sundance Film Festival, the Emmy Awards, the Academy Awards, and won Skin Inc. magazine's “Best of the Best” award two years in a row. From its production facilities in Boston's suburbs, Aviva Labs distributes their products to over 110 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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