Summaglo Salon which offers Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning was featured in the February issue of Time Out Magazine.

It's Summer All Over

A new Cottesloe salon combines instant tanning with makeovers, a one-stop shop for girls and guys wanting to look their best.

Summaglo, on Jarrad Street, is the brainchild of Narelle Moyle and Michael Somic, and the first salon in Australia to combine a specialized makeup bar and spray tanning in one facility. They use a new spray tan product, Aviva Labs from the US, to bronze those who don't want to take in the summer sun.

The product can be worn instantly, is practically colorless, wont's rub off and does not have the typical sticky feel.

The salon offers a package of a shower, exfoliation and tan, which comes in three shades and booster drops are available to add more color. It's ideal for girls wanting to glam up for their Year 12 ball.

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