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At Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning, we don't just sell you a solution and wish you the best of luck. We partner with you to provide ongoing support and marketing ideas. Our marketing materials such as our posters and brochures are great alone, but when combined with our highly-developed marketing programs and shared strategies, you can count on an even faster rate of success.

  • Salon Posters (18" x 24") — Great way to draw attention to your spray tanning services and encourage your non-tanning clients to try a natural spray tan.
  • Spray Tanning Appointment Cards — Give your client useful instructions when they book the tan to guarantee it will be great! There is even an appointment reminder right on the card itself.
  • Client Take Home Cards — Excite your clients to try spray tanning pre- and post-tan by increasing their emotional awareness to the benefits of spray tanning. With five different designs to appeal to the wide variety of your clientele, these are sure to win you new clients. One card even has pre-made coupons for you.
  • Skincare Brochures — t's easier than ever to sell the tan-extending skincare with these helpful brochures. They are specifically designed to help you by educating your clients on their benefits.
  • Window Decal — Announce to passers-by and clients that you offer the best natural spray tanning solutions! Non-permanent window decal clings to the window and can be easily repositioned for the best visibility.
  • Marketing Training — Online or here onsite at our Aviva Academy in Boston, every one of our training sessions shows you easy-to-follow and real-world marketing techniques that will help you dramatically grow your business.
  • Online Peer Forum — At last a place to go with your Aviva Labs peers to request advice, share tips and ask questions about everything spray tanning.
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