Aviva Inspires™ DHA-free Bronzer Booster Drops


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This concentrate boosts the initial temporary bronzer content of any Aviva Inspires™ Original or Gimme Brown!™ sunless solution, making your client appear to be darker during the initial application prior to their first shower after 8 to 12 hours. The Bronzer Booster Drops are designed for use with “with Bronzer” sunless solutions, and are compatible with Airbrush, HVLP/Turbo and Spray Booth equipment.

Aviva Inspires™ Bronzer Booster Drops DHA-free are hypoallergenic, oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free.


Add drops into solution until desired darkness is achieved, starting with 11 drops per 1 oz as a guide. This additive should only be used with Aviva Inspires™ Original or Gimme Brown!™ Sunless Tanning Solutions.