Aviva Inspires™ 35% DHA Booster Drops (35% DHA concentration)


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Using 35% DHA Booster Drops allows you to customize the final level of the tan your customers would like to achieve, allowing you to craft amazing & unique “recipes” and custom blending for any of your loyal sunless spray tanning clients. They allow you to lift in between our standard formulas with perfect ease.

Have a client who you spray with an 8% DHA solution that wants to go a little darker? Concerned that 10% DHA may be too much for their skin type? No problem! With these you could craft an 8.5% or even a 9% solution that would look perfect and natural on them without being too dark. The drops are compatible with Airbrush, HVLP/Turbo and Spray Booth equipment.

Aviva Inspires™ 35% DHA Booster Drops are hypoallergenic, oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free.


To customize and increase the darkness of the DHA tan and initial color guide, add 11 drops of Booster Drops per 1 ounce of sunless solution in your spray gun cup to raise the DHA concentration of your sunless solution by 1%.