Aviva Inspires Express™


Aviva Inspires Express Tan is the world's first rapid spray tan that allows your clients to shower off after 1-4 hours depending on skin tone. No more waiting 8 hours to shower!

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Aviva Express™ is the perfect premium service to cater to brides, models, business men & women or anyone who need to look great fast. Adding Aviva Express™ to your menu allows you to truly customize a client's sunless experience by offering the world's first rapid solution for their convenience.

This is ideal for your busy VIP clients who need a premium service for which we suggest an up-charge of $5.00 to $10.00 to the cost of the spray tan service.


Unlike our standard solutions, this is a rapid processing DHA, so as opposed to waiting 8 to 12 hours to shower, advise your client to shower off after just 1-2 hours to obtain a light tan, 2-3 hours for a medium tan, or 3-4 hours for a dark tan. Note: Make sure your clients know to shower with Aviva Labs Shower Glow or water only the first day.