Aviva Inspires Winter Glow™ Sunless Solution


Aviva Inspires Winter Glow™ Sunless Solution is our lightest formula and delivers a fabulous natural glow. It's the perfect option for your clients who would never see themselves with a sunless tan or those who want a lighter tan during the winter months.

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Aviva Inspires Winter Glow™ goes through a proprietary mixing process which releases the DHA in a stable, long lasting, low DHA concentration. The subtle result ensures the most natural-looking, light glow that is perfect for the client seeking their natural summertime glow in the middle of winter. This solution is great for "hold out" customers (your hair, nail or spa service clients who are interested but still hesitant to try your spray tanning service) or clients who don't want friends to see them as looking too dark, obvious or trying too hard.

Aviva Inspires Winter Glow™ has the highest quality, premium grade DHA, is hypoallergenic, oi-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free.

“I love the Aviva Inspires Winter Glow. I live in a small town in Utah and it is perfect for my clients who just want a kiss of color. It is so natural looking and they are complimented wherever they go.”

-Stephanie Tanner, Owner, Innov8, Richmond, UT


You should spray until bronzer gradually appears and stop when light subtle glow is complete. Do not over apply, or your result will be a dark tan rather than the desired light glow. Wait 8 to 12 hours as per standard solutions.