Is Aviva Labs really the best sunless tanning in the world?
Don't take our word for it. Our clients are happy to share their success stories with you!

Stephanie Robertson (Owner, Illuminate You Mobile Tanning, Las Vegas, NV)

I don't think I would be as successful without your products. It's been the key to my business venture. Everybody just loves it and can't wait to get their next tan. Every single person I have spray tanned has not only returned but also referred a friend to me. I am so thrilled!

Nicole Struelens (Miami Glow Tanning, Miami Beach, FL)

I am thrilled with the results since I began using Aviva Labs organic solution. My clients have been rebooking appointments with me and call me the next day to tell me it is the best spray tan they have ever had. I love that the solution does not smell, it is not sticky (no aloe) and it dries super fast. This is very important since I live in Miami and it's very hot and humid here. The color results are fantastic and so natural looking. The city tan collection is also super convenient for my clients who are busy. I own a mobile spray tanning business and will continue to use Aviva Labs for my clients and myself.

Jess Rooney (Salon Owner, Summaglo, Australia)

Our clients absolutely love the product - they just love the fact that they can have a spray tan and go straight out for lunch!! We had an outstanding first 12 months in the salon, completing over 3,500 spray tans for the year, with a record week… of 223 spray tans!! We constantly receive positive feedback from our clients as they themselves can't believe just how natural their AVIVA LABS tan looks.

Lindsay Murray (Owner, The Sanctuary Spa, Salem, MA)

Since I switched to Aviva Labs, my business has doubled!

Joseph Forni (Managing Director, Celcius Tanning, Adelaide, SA)

Aviva Labs dries almost instantly, does not smell, looks absolutely beautiful, and allows them to carry on with their day without feeling wet and sticky. The quick procedure has generated a faster client turnover, allowing us to book in 15-minute blocks. We achieve an average of 25 spray tans to every 1 liter bottle, and during peak times, we average 100+ spray tans per week. During peak season, we did 620 spray tans. This is by far the best our business has performed, and it is only thanks to this solution.

Zoe Cooper (Salon Owner, Utopia Tans, Perth, Western Australia)

Aviva Labs is SO popular my bookings have doubled since offering this awesome brand.

Brandi Valenzuela (Owner, Natural Image Tanning, Roswell, NM)

Aviva is the highest quality solution I've ever used. The application is flawless and the results are amazing! Love the City Tans and the after-care products!

Jessica Rooney (Owner, Summaglo Tan + Makeup Bar, Perth, Western Australia)

It was an amazing December (with over 750 spray tans) and it's all down to my dedicated beautiful girls and of course the most fabulous Aviva tan.

Nadine Dumas (Owner, What It Takes, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)

With Aviva's Gimme Brown! …all clients love how they look afterwards and it's a sure way to guarantee they won't end up "orange" since I get asked this all the time.

Caitlin Korff (Kingsley, Australia)

…Stocking your products has widened my client base. My favorite thing about Aviva Labs is the color and staying power of the tans. They are NOT orange and always fade evenly.

Deniel Erasmus (Pretoria, South Africa)

I just want to say how proud I am to be using Aviva products! My clients love it! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of something great.

Jerri Rush (Owner, Healthy Tan Airbrush Tanning Studio, Roseville, CA)

Many of my clients are converting to Aviva's "Miami" sunless solution because they love, love, love the color and the convenience of an accelerated tan. Aviva ~ you make magic!

Michele Ostendorf (Salon Owner, K&M Tans, Windermere, FL)

I have been in the Health and Wellness industry for 8 years and came upon spray tanning by accident. I was fortunate enough to find Aviva after doing extensive research on "Natural, Healthy" tanning products. I LOVE the products and will not use anything else! The customer feedback I get is always "The product LOOKS so natural and I am not orange..." My two favorite products are Gimme Brown 10% and the new City Tan 30 minutes to Miami! I love both of these products because the tan lasts me at least 12 days and the "fading" at the end of the tan is much more even, if at all!

Tanya Shelley-Carvalho (Owner, Forever Summer, Alberta Canada)

I have tried other products on the market and by far Aviva is the best product I have used so far, such a beautiful natural color. The staff has been amazing for their help with products and advice…Awesome products, awesome customer service, thanks Aviva for giving me a great opportunity!!!!

Sophia Rocha (Golden Glow Studio Mobile Spray Tanning Services, Long Beach, CA)

I would recommend Aviva to others because they are amazing at what they do. They are leaders in this business and simply the best.

Suzanne Lavigne (Owner, Mistair Studio, Quebec Canada)

We have tested numerous sunless tanning products and those from Aviva Labs have proven superior in just about every respect. It results in a superb, natural-looking tan.

Renee Knipp (Owner, Simply You Skincare, Milton, WI)

I have been a customer of Aviva Labs for a few years now. I have sampled other lines but nobody compares!!

Stephanie Milker (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)

Thanks so much for making such great spray tan solutions! I won't use anything else!

Paris Cimini (Spray Tan Consultant, Elements of Style Salon and Spa, Sykesville, MD)

When my boss first told me we were getting an airbrush tanning line in our salon my first response was "Ummm, WHY??" All I ever heard were horror stories, I mean hadn't she ever seen the episode of Friends when Ross got spray tanned? Then I saw how amazing and natural this line was and fell in love instantly. I went from saying "I will never get airbrush tanned" to "WHEN CAN I LEARN HOW TO DO THIS?!" I re-fall in love with Aviva Labs every time I watch my clients walk out of the salon glowing with their amazing, natural looking tans! Thank you for making us feel beautiful and flawless one tan at a time!

Robyn Roberts (Owner, Amber Glow Mobile Spray Tanning, Bolton, MA)

My favorite thing about Aviva Labs is the commitment to using only essential ingredients and the commitment to providing a quality product.

Donna Armstrong (Sunless Tanning Client)

I loved my Aviva Labs spray tan — it looked gorgeous and natural and didn't smell at all like other fake tans I've had in the past. The following night I was on a harbor cruise where almost everyone asked if I'd been on holidays. I almost felt like I had been. Six days later my tan's still here and fading nice and evenly. Brilliant.

Kelley Anderson (Owner, LAE BEAUTY Tanning & MediSpa, Gainesville, FL)

We LOVE Aviva. It's the only solution we will use.

Amber Edwards (Mobile Salon Owner, Mariposa, CA)

My favorite thing about Aviva Labs is that the product gives such a flawless tan.

Marie Robledo (Owner, Salon Forty Four, Beverly, MA)

I have had clients tell me that they love the color that they get with Aviva products. Compared to others they have tried, they are the most impressed with this line.

Lisa Londer (Owner, Island Dream Tans, Lake Orion, MI)

As to your customer service, my Aviva customer service representative is Brian and he is doing a great job and is very consistent, which is an issue I have had in the past. Way to go Brian! He's a keeper.

Stephanie Tanner (Owner, Innov8, Richmond, UT)

I would recommend these products because of my belief in the Aviva brand. I have tried other brands and have quickly regretted it.

Jessica Vachon (Owner, My Sunless Glow, Nashua, NH)

Gimme! Brown 10% & City Tan Miami are some of my favorite products. I know I am guaranteed to give my clients the best color. I am always confident that my clients will be happy with the color. I only feel comfortable using Aviva solutions on my clients because I know I can trust the results. I also love the Skin Glow Tan Extender that I can give to my clients to extend the life of their tan. They love it and so do I.

Angela Loiurio (Owner, Tanjela, Pembroke, MA)

My favorite thing about Aviva Labs is the products! I have had spray tans with other solutions and this one is by far the best. I love the natural color, how fast it dries, and the sunless gel.

Jessica Shaw (Salon Owner, Sebago, ME)

Aviva Labs has kept me as a customer because of their customer service. I have had others (salon owners that I have worked for) try to push me into products that I don't know because they are cheaper and have payment plans and whatever else they tried to entice me with...I am still with Aviva because of the service and product knowledge they provide! The sales reps are not pushy at all!!…I am respected and understood. Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate the kindness from everyone there.

Darcey Eldridge (Owner, Spa-tique Day Spa, Marshfield, MA)

I purchased AVIVA's spray tanning equipment and products in January for my day spa and the service took off immediately, bringing in brand new clients and making our regulars happy that we have a new service. Those clients who have been getting spray tanned for years, absolutely love AVIVA, no smell, doesn't stain clothing, you don't have to put a barrier on your nails, many different color options, NEVER ORANGE, looks completely natural. One of the best services I have brought into the spa in a very long time. I highly recommend this line.

Brandi Bostedor (Owner, Paradise Sprays, Oakland Park, FL)

Hi Aviva Labs! Just wanted to let you guys are AMAZING!!!! My clients absolutely LOVE the products!!!! Thanks so much for an awesome product!!!!!

Carole Hearn (Owner, Boardwalk Electrology, Quincy, MA)

I had tried 10 other solutions until I discovered Aviva's Gimme! Brown. It is the best and I love it!

T'Ann Payne (Owner, Boho Beauty Studio, Draper, UT)

I have been using Aviva Labs for 2 years now, I absolutely love it and so do all of my clients!

Joanna Roche (Owner, Live Beautifully OC, Irvine, CA)

My favorite Aviva products are all the different shades and the different DHA formulas make it easy for me to customize each client's look.

Erin Wilson (Sunless Tanning Consultant, Perth, Western Australia)

We love, love, love Aviva tans!!

Denise Jenkins (Owner, Designers Edge Salon and Spa, Southwick, MA)

We LOVE Aviva Labs products. All of our clients say how natural the tan looks. So happy we decided to use this product line!

Angela Moss (Owner, Belladonna Day Spa, Tyler, TX)

We love Aviva here at Belladonna Day Spa. We have always used them for our airbrush tanning and will always! Their tans never look orange and the Gimme Brown colors are to die for! We always have happy clients after a tan.

Katharine Peters (Spray Tan Consultant, Ontario, CA)

My experience with Aviva has been positive. My clients love, love the products and the outcome is perfect all the time. Thank you!!!

Anna Linnehan (Sunless Tanning Consultant, Boston, MA)

Our clients love Aviva's spray tan products as much as we do!!!!

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