Tamara Stochel

Tamara Stochel is an Aviva Labs Senior Sunless Educator, and is a Master Certified Airbrush Tanning Artist.

From New Jersey, Tamara 18 years experience working in the indoor tanning industry. In 2006, she began exploring the emerging art of sunless tanning. Blown away by the many benefits and natural look, she knew this was the future of tanning. She is the proud owner of a very successful airbrush tanning studio and mobile tanning service.

“My passion and commitment has led me to the educational side of the industry,“ says Tamara, “"And am excited to share my passion, knowledge and artistry with others.“

Christina Kauffman

Graduated from Bryant University in 2008 with a degree in marketing and communications.

Owner and Founder of the award winning Blush Sunless Studios. Her new location in Wellesley, MA is currently the largest Sunless Tanning Studio in New England.

Blush has been mentioned in Boston Magazine, Wellesley Weston Magazine, The Wellesley Report, Wicked Local, Boston.com, Patch.com and more!

Before opening Blush, Christina tested almost every UV-free product on the market that claimed to provide a natural looking tan—Aviva Labs yielded the absolute best results.

Christina started with the Aviva Labs Sunless 101—just like you’re taking today.

Says Christina, “I love that these amazing solutions make it possible for me to provide every single client with the natural looking tan they desire, without risking the health of their skin in the process!“

Leah Goodman

“I graduated in Esthetics from Blaine Beauty School. From the from East Coast to the West Coast and the island of Hawaii, I have 11 years of additional experience and training ranging from Epicurean Skin Care from Laguna Hills, Yonka Paris, Shankara, Mac Makeup, Lavish Lash and Happy Tan.“

“I love spray tanning because it is a healthy instant gratification treatment for my clients. As owner of my own esthetics practice, skin care performance and health matter to me. That's why I exclusively use Aviva Labs for spray tanning my clients.“

“I am passionate about sharing the experience that I have learned throughout my career with other professionals. Teaching at Aviva Labs Academy is a great way for me to contribute to the knowledge and success of every student.“

Mitch Bloom

Mitch Bloom, Founder and CEO of Aviva Labs, considers himself first and foremost a teacher. “As a leader, my primary goal is not just to share knowledge, but also to motivate others to take the knowledge and act on it to improve themselves.”

Mitch has taught in 15 countries, to groups of more than 1,000 people at a time. He has taught through translators in multiple languages. His international business, sales, and marketing experience shapes the success training Aviva Labs provides its customers. “I love when you see in the student's eyes that the light bulb just blinked on in their head—they really get it. That connection…that's what makes teaching so rewarding.” And nothing makes Mitch happier than teaching salon, spa, and mobile business professionals how to win over and keep as many clients as possible.

Mitch considers spray tanning to be the fastest, most dramatic, non-surgical way to look 5 years younger and 5 pounds lighter—and with no harmful sun exposure. “But as dramatic as the physical changes are, it's the mental changes our products deliver to clients—confidence, poise, the motivation for her to wear that special dress—that motivate me to do what I do. Our products truly change people's lives!”

Teddi Kennedy

Teddi is a graduate of Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics with a Master of Esthetics. Her passion for esthetics started at an early age. Explains Teddi, “I tweezed my first set of eyebrows when I was thirteen and never looked back.

Teddi took the long road to Esthetics school. First she completed traditional college and worked a traditional job in the corporate world. However, she quickly realized corporate life was not for her. Teddis says, “The only joyful time for her in that setting was when she had clients come in for big meetings and her coworkers would come by her cubicle to get their hair and makeup done.“ After two years of the corporate grind, Teddi built up enough courage to quit her job and go to school full time. She was finally happy. She sucked up the new information like a sponge and begged the administration for more and more education.

One of Teddi's conquests was to learn sunless tanning. She spoke to the administration and they gave us the resources she and her fellow students needed to spray, however, the technique they taught for sunless tanning was lacking. When she left school, she was able to work at a spa that carried Aviva Labs and she received formal Aviva Labs training. She was hooked again.

“As an Esthetician (and former biology major) I have been trained to scrutinize products and their ingredients,“ says Teddi. “Aviva Labs has superior products and health conscious ingredients that I am able to translate into gorgeous results for my clients. When my clients are happy, I am happy.“

Tracy Patton

Tracy Patton graduated from The University of Illinois with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. She is the Owner and Founder of Simply Sunless Airbrush Tanning. Her first location opened in July 2011 in Keller, Texas. In August 2015 she opened a mobile airbrush salon in Illinois and her newest location opened November 2015 in Lewisville, Texas.

“Since I can remember I've always liked having a nice tan,“ says Tracy. “My sister owned a tanning bed business when I was in college and I tanned in the beds all the time until I noticed my skin starting to wrinkle prematurely. I was introduced to Aviva Labs and sunless tanning and haven't looked back! I LOVE the way Aviva products look and feel on my skin and more importantly so do our clients! I've lost track of how many times people think my tan is from the sun when in reality it's an airbrush tan using Aviva products. The way Aviva has perfected their solution for custom airbrush tanning is amazing….it always looks natural!

“I love being a trainer for Aviva Labs, getting to know people and share my passion for business and airbrush tanning with others!“

Jenifer Clarke

Spray tanning since 2002, Jenifer started her sunless business offering mobile services and soon after opened a studio. She specializes in custom spray tans and eyelash extensions. She has a wide range of clientele including men and women. Her favorite sunless work is muscle contouring for competitions and photo shoots.

“After many years of testing sunless solutions I found Aviva Labs,“ says Jenifer. “I immediately fell in love with the products. I have a sensitivity to sunless solutions and love the properties of Aviva sunless solutions as I have no reactions.“

Jenifer loves her sunless tanning business and enjoys being a master Aviva trainer to help others build their businesses.

Brian Petersen

In addition to teaching, Brian Petersen also serves as Aviva Labs' National Business Director. Brian has over 10 years' experience in sales and business development. “I've always loved working with people and troubleshooting innovative ways to increase their business. I think it's what I was designed for.”

He regularly consults with established spray tanning business owners on how best to increase their profitability. Brian also enjoys teaching spray tan students business-building and marketing techniques to help jump-start their success.

“I have never in my life felt so much passion for where I have worked than here at Aviva Labs.”

Nicole Struelens

Nicole is a licensed esthetician. Having attended Golden West College and graduated the skincare program in 2008, skincare and sun protection are very important to Nicole.

She owns Miami Glow Tanning, which caters to the many celebrities and models in the Miami Beach area.

She feels that organic spray tanning as a healthy alternative to UV tanning, and continues to grow her business thanks to Aviva Labs products.

Nicole enjoys teaching students how to spray tan and give their clients the best spray tan available.

Andrea Purcell

Andrea Purcell is a Licensed Medical Esthetician, Mac Makeup freelance makeup artist, Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Consultant with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

She is a licensed medical esthetician and has performed medical esthetic treatments for over 8 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts.

Andrea graduated with high honors from the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and has been taught by the country's top trainers: Dermasweep, Syneron/Velashape, Ellman/Pelleve and Obagi Medical. She has also trained extensively in advanced chemical peeling with Image Skincare.

Andrea looks at skincare the way doctors look at helping people achieve good health. With a background in psychology, she quickly identifies the needs of her clients. She understands all components of wellness and treating the whole body. Her extensive product knowledge is the key to educating her clients on how to address the most complex skincare concerns.

“I love spray tanning. It is a natural way to enhance the skin's appearance. Clients feel refreshed, they look thinner and more youthful. I love teaching spa owners how to spray tan as there really is a very specific technique, that once mastered, can give a result like no other. Duplication is key in business and if salon owners can master the proper technique, their business will flourish effortlessly,” explains Andrea.

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